By Chelsea Irving

CHICAGO (CBS) –There is a street in Chicago in such bad shape, that even city ambulance drivers are wary of driving on it.

One emergency responder referred to it as ‘the minefield know as Ford City Drive.”

The road in the Ashburn neighborhood is riddled with potholes. They are everywhere.

“It’s really bad if you need an ambulance,” said one resident.

Now, after decades of decay and two weeks after CBS 2 first reported on the road’s condition, repairs are finally in the city’s to-do list.

The plans were put in place after a meeting on Friday between multiple city agencies, including the Department of Transportation and Daley College. Part of the road is covered by a condominium developer, and they agreed to share in the repair costs.

First, crews will patch potholes to get through the winter.

In the spring, plans call for a $500,000 resurfacing project.

Chelsea Irving