CHICAGO (CBS) — A group of PAWS Chicago volunteers returned from Florida on Wednesday, after rescuing 11 dogs and 24 cats, to help shelters in Florida’s panhandle save animals left homeless by Hurricane Michael.

Four volunteers left PAWS Chicago for Florida on Sunday, driving to Alachua County Humane Society in Gainesville.

After spending a day helping out at the shelter, the volunteers brought 24 cats and 11 dogs back to Chicago. Some came from shelters damaged by the hurricane, while others were already at the shelter, but were taken in by PAWS to make room for other homeless animals in the wake of the historic storm.

The Alachua County Humane Society will now be making additional trips to parts of Florida hit by the storm to take in more homeless animals.

The four PAWS volunteers started driving back to Chicago on Tuesday afternoon, and arrived at the PAWS medical center in Little Village around 8 a.m. Wednesday.

Some of those animals soon will be up for adoption. Others will need temporary foster homes.

“We have two vans full of dogs and cats,” PAWS Chicago founder Paula Fasseas said. “They are getting fed their first meal here in Chicago, and they’re going to be getting vet checked, and some of them will go on to medical and be treated, and others will be available for adoption as soon as tomorrow.”