By Lauren Victory

CHICAGO (CBS) — A grandmother in Aurora is counting her blessings that her grandson is safe after a stranger picked him up from school.

CBS 2’s Lauren Victory reports that Hill Elementary is working to prevent it from happening again.

District officials admitted they messed up. CBS 2 is told everyone who works in District 129 in Aurora will be re-trained on student dismissal rules.

The grandmother of the child who was picked up said that’s great but said the policies should be common sense.

“My heart was beating really, really, really extremely fast,” said the grandmother.

And that was before this grandmother found out an unknown woman showed up at pick-up at her nine year old grandson’s school last Monday. A medical emergency sidelined her inside a nearby store, so she’d asked the anonymous customer for help.

“She was a perfect stranger. She wasn’t anyone that I knew,” said the grandmother. “I just asked her to call the school to let them know them know that I wont be there to pick him up.”

Instead, a mystery woman apparently drove to the school, showed her ID and was allowed to leave with the child. She brought him to the hospital.

“How did you get him? How could this woman, you know, How did they give you my grandson,” said the grandmother. “District 129 policy said only those individuals listed as primary guardians and emergency contacts may pick up students from the school.”

The stranger was none of the above.

“She was just being a Good Samaritan but what if she wasn’t a Good Samaritan,” asked the grandmother.

School leaders said they have dismissal policies in place and acknowledged to CBS 2 they “could’ve done a better job.”

“I’m floored and I’m furious and I want parents to know that this kind of thing is happening at (Nancy) Hill Elementary School. “I hope nothing like this ever happens again,” she added.

The third grader’s mom and dad were also not initially contacted the day of the incident. District representatives said they are working with the family to resolve the matter.

Lauren Victory