CHICAGO (CBS)—A woman from Merrillville, Indiana has been charged with murder after originally telling police she “watched the love of her life commit suicide,” and the murdered man’s family is reacting tonight.

Alycia Caparelli, 33, was charged Tuesday following a 10-month-long investigation surrounding the death of a man that she allegedly staged as a suicide.

(NWI Times)

She originally told police she saw her boyfriend Timothy Riley, 35, commit suicide Dec. 1, 2017 after he was found with a fatal gunshot wound in his head.

It took authorities nearly a year to arrest Caparelli in his murder. She is being held in Lake County Jail without bond.

“He was the one who is always there for everyone, who was the person I called when I needed help with something,” his brother Michael said.

He says this year has been extremely difficult, but Caparelli’s recent arrest came as an uplifting surprise to the entire family.

“I didn’t know she was going to get arrested until yesterday,” Riley said. “Basically there was a lot of back-and-forth.”

Police charged Caparelli after inconsistencies were allegedly discovered in her alibi and past reports of domestic violence surfaced.




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