CHICAGO (CBS) — As the Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead” approaches, a local museum is giving families an outdoor space to honor the deceased while welcoming the public to celebrate the lives of those who’ve departed the earth.

(Credit: National Museum of Mexican Art)

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The National Museum of Mexican Art’s Day of the Dead Xicágo is an extension of its annual Day of the Dead exhibit inside the museum.

Outside the museum at Harrison Park on Sunday October 28, people will assemble altars and arrange offerings for those who’ve passed away.

The free event will also include projected photographs of loved ones, submitted by the public, that’ll be shown on a museum wall.

The Day of the Dead is the holiday celebrated throughout Latin America where for two days (that usually fall in late October or early November) families honor the deceased by celebrating their lives with special altars set up in homes and public spaces.

The altars have “ofrendas” or offerings that usually include flowers, photographs, candles as well as some of the favorite foods and drinks of the dead.

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(Credit: National Museum of Mexican Art)

Families will also gather in cemeteries to visit the graves of loved ones, armed with flowers, food and drink. It’s not unusual to see troubadours and other musicians stroll the grounds with songs in tribute to those who’ve died.

While the dates are often near Halloween, and skull imagery can be seen through both events, the two are not connected.

Even though there is sadness when a loved one passes away, the Day of the Dead holiday is a celebration of that person’s life. Along with seeing altars, the public will be enjoy live music, art activities and “pan de muerto” (traditional Day of the Dead bread.)

(Credit: National Museum of Mexican Art)

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The public is invited to experience the Day of the Dead Xicágo Sunday from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. outside the National Museum of Mexican Art at Harrison Park located at 1824 South Wood Street.