CHICAGO (CBS) — For Mark Weyermuller, Halloween is not about ghosts or witches. His annual Halloween display in Wilmette takes a more modern take on the holiday.

“What’s scarier than a politician?” Weyermuller said. “Especially a Chicago politician.”

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Wilmette Man’s Halloween lawn display features politicians. (credit: Mark Wyermuller)

For 20 years, the Chicago realtor has been creating Halloween lawn displays that feature full-size politicians and celebrities. He says this year’s lineup could be the most frightening.

His 2018 display features President Trump standing with Kanye West and Taylor Swift. Nearby is Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh holding a gavel and a beer.

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Wilmette Man’s Halloween display features politicians. (Credit: Mark Weyermuller)

Just in time for the election, J.B. Pritzker and Bruce Rauner can be seen next to Hillary Clinton, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Bernie Sanders on the lawn.

Wilmette Man’s Halloween display features politicians and celebrities. (Mark Weyermuller)

Weyermuller’s haunted lawn, located at 208 Lawndale in Wilmette, typically has up to 20 figures. The human-like figures are made from scarecrows dressed in clothes and rubber masks. He said the news cycle inspires each year’s display.

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According to Weyermuller, this is the best way to combine election and Halloween season.