CHICAGO (CBS) — An eight month battle is over for a south suburban senior who finally has his money back after scammers took $1,200 from his checking account.

Anthony Marino accidentally allowed hackers to access his bank account. He fought Chase bank for eight months to get the money back with no luck, until CBS 2 got involved.

On Tuesday, via Skype, the 65-year-old widower said the bank resolved it Tuesday morning.

“I said ‘what did you find out’ and she said ‘we’re still investigating,'” said Marino. “It means I don’t have to go without going to the dentist. It’s like a little Christmas present I didn’t have.

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Chase said it reviewed Marino’s account and credited him $1,200 because he’s a longtime customer. As for exactly how the money disappeared and why it took so long to be returned, the bank is still investigating.

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