CHICAGO (CBS)–A mom and her two sons were on their way to work in their family van when they became the latest victims of a shooting on the Dan Ryan Expressway.

At least four cars have been shot on local expressways during the past two weeks.

The driver of the van, Lisa Green, says she’s relieved to be alive after her van was sprayed with bullets this morning near 67th Street.

She said she saw a red car in a neighboring lane packed with people, including two females dancing to loud music in the front seats, the radio blasting.

“My sons and myself almost lost our lives for no reason–we were minding our business going to work,” Green said. “Bullets (were) going across my face.”

Green says there was no altercation between her and the other driver before the shooting.

She also says she doesn’t know of anyone who would want to harm her or her family.

Green’s 27-year-old son was shot and now uses a cane to walk.

“I’m going to be traumatized for life–my son is going to have two bullets in him for life,” Green said.

Her other son who was in the van was treated for a graze wound to the head. The hat he was wearing was reportedly shot off of his head.

No arrests have been made in the shooting.

Charlie De Mar