CHICAGO (CBS)–A principal at a Chicago Public School allegedly falsified attendance records, according to reports from an inspector general investigation.

The principal of Ogden Elementary School, Michael Beyer, allegedly altered the records to improve his school’s ratings.

In a 30-page report, the inspector general alleges Beyer miscategorized unexcused absences on more than six-dozen occasions.

Some of the highlights of that report:

-Ogden falsified 75 unexcused absences
-Students who were going on extended family vacations were un-enrolled, and then re-enrolled as home school or transfer students
-27 of these instances coincided with winter or spring break

After initially denying the allegations, the inspector general presented Beyer with emails confirming the evidence, to which Beyer reportedly responded, “Clearly, I did break the policy,” and said that he “messed up.”

In statements, district administrators told CBS 2, “CPS holds its school leaders to high standards for professional conduct.”

District officials also said they intend to move forward with terminating the principal.

Parents at the Gold Coast school were informed of the action in a letter sent out on Thursday. Ogden merged this year with the former Jenner school, in a nearby financially-struggling area near Cabrini Green.

The school is scheduling meetings with parents to explain the next steps.