By Dana Kozlov

Chicago (CBS) — It’s been a mere month since Teresa Borria’s six-year-old son Johnny, who has cerebral palsy, began riding a school bus.

His bus now has a police escort.

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River Grove Officer Tony Ikis is the patrolman behind the wheel. He drove in after another man drove around Johnny’s bus this week.

“So, our chief asked if we can go out and follow the bus around and make sure everything was ok,” Ikis said.

He tails the bus or parks nearby and watches. And if that’s not enough, he writes a ticket.

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“I’ve been doing this for 19 years, and this is one of my main tickets that I have written,” Ikis said.

School bus safety has been top of mind for many this week after a driver in Indiana drove past a stopped bus and killed three siblings.

So, efforts here leave Teresa Borria quite simply grateful.

“Even if it’s every other day so they could show people basically ‘we’re here. We’re following. We’re checking up’” Borria said. “It shows that they care.”

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Officer Ikis recognizes not all police departments, his included, have the manpower to be able to assign patrols to school bus routes. But, he plans to tail that bus as often as he can.