CHICAGO (CBS)–No election winners have been declared in Porter County, Ind., due to massive delays in the ballot counting.

At least a dozen different polling places did not open on time at 6 a.m. Tuesday and some remained closed for two and a half hours. Numerous people who have worked on Porter County elections for the past few decades have said Tuesday’s election was the worst they have ever seen.

A sheriffs deputy brought in the uncounted ballots to the elections office more than 12 hours after the polls closed.

Democratic County Board of Elections member J.J. Stankiewicz said a door in the Porter County Administration Center was taped shut last night.

As of this morning, he said the tape had been removed so the room containing the ballots is no longer secure.

“It’s a joke and this is all at the foot of the administrator Karen Martin, clerk of court,” he said.

Martin oversaw the election.

Stankiewicz said that is a “nightmare” and the County Clerk did not have the necessary experience needed to run the election.

Erin Labovitz, a candidate for Center Township board, still doesn’t know if she will be taking a seat on the panel. She said she cannot believe it.

Vicky Urbanick is running for reelection as county auditor, and as reflected on the county website, she had no way of knowing whether she’d won or lost.

“Personally I think everyone lost, I think all the voters lost,” Urbanick said.

Martin has not responded to multiple requests for comments and Republican officials in Porter County declined camera interviews this morning.