CHICAGO (CBS)–Four Chicago men have been charged in connection with two robberies at Yorktown Mall in Lombard on Tuesday.

The DuPage County State’s Attorney’s office charged Trentiss McClinton, 23; Shaheer Muhammad, 19; Dewayne Powell, 22; and Lezzerick Webster, 24; each with  two felony counts of robbery.

Police said the men bumped into a man talking outside the mall on his phone and grabbed his device. They also allegedly grabbed a 78-year-old woman’s purse as she walked outside the shopping center.

The men allegedly drove off in a vehicle and later abandoned it in a nearby strip mall, prosecutors said. Oak Brook Terrace police later found three of the men inside a dumpster in the strip mall near Nordstrom Rack. A fourth man was standing outside the dumpster, the state’s attorney’s office said.