CHICAGO (CBS) — Up to two inches of snow fell overnight in parts of the Chicago area, and the early arrival of winter might have people shivering, but many people seemed to be embracing the snow.

All over the northern suburbs, people were warming up with power walks, despite temperatures below freezing.

“It’s very good, very nice. The trees are nice; beautiful with snow sticking to it,” said Venkat Narayanan, of Deer Park. “I’ll take snow.”

Narayanan was one of many people spotted out for a brisk morning stroll in Libertyville, where the National Weather Service said 1.8 inches had fallen as of 6 a.m.

Snow covered flowers and grass in the north suburbs, but melted on the roads.

Chicago didn’t get quite as much snow as the northern suburbs, with less than half an inch at O’Hare by Friday morning.

In northwest suburban Crystal Lake, where 1.2 inches fell, the only apparent issue for drivers was digging out the snow scrapers before driving off for work.

Even among friends, there were lots of mixed opinions about the morning’s snowfall.

“It’s not sticking on the roads, or the sidewalks, and it’s beautiful,” said Libertyville resident Nicole Bosak.

Neighbor Bungy Lowry, however, said it’s “way too soon” for snow.

“I’m not ready for it. It does look pretty, and like Nicole said, it’s not sticking, but it’s too early, I think,” Lowry said.

Maybe so, but the flakes got four thumbs up from a group of dogs and their owners playing in the half inch or so that fell in Wauconda.

A Cook County Forest Preserve District worker at Erickson Woods in Winnetka said, if temperatures drop another 10 degrees or so, they might have to salt the trails to make sure they don’t ice over.