CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago police have confirmed that another body was recovered from the Calumet River.

Over the weekend two men, Davontae Searcy and Demetrius Hendricks, were declared missing after their car went into the Calumet River.

A third person in the vehicle, Christopher Henderson, managed to escape and was found disoriented walking by a nearby street.

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A Chicago police spokesperson said the medical examiner’s office is conducting a positive identification on the person found on Friday.

It can be seen that West 136th Street leads straight to a boat ramp. There are no signs warning drivers. The road ends and the river begins.

Police say divers pulled the body from the river Friday morning in the Hegewisch neighborhood on the city’s southeast side.

The body hasn’t been identified, but police believe it’s from an SUV that was driven into the river early Sunday. Dive teams recovered the first body Wednesday. It also hasn’t been identified.

Authorities have recovered the SUV from the river but no one was inside.

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