CHICAGO (CBS)– A person was stabbed at 200 East Hubbard St. on Saturday around 8 a.m., police said.

The victim, a 39-year-old man, was attempting to assist homeless individuals in the River North area by transporting them in his van and taking them home to clean up.

The victim picked up a 32-year-old who tried to stab him while he was driving. The victim exited that van and the offender attempted to flee with vehicle. The victim held onto the side, until the offender crashed the vehicle.

The offender was apprehended by police, shortly after fleeing the scene.

The victim, who suffered lacerations to his hand, refused to sign complaints.

The suspect, identified as Tyrone Leverson, has been placed in custody and charged with Unlawful Use of Weapon and Reckless Conduct.