CHICAGO (CBS) —  Monday is a holiday, so no one gets mail.

But in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, some residents said that happens all the time.

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Mail service so bad, a Chicago congressman sent a letter to the U.S. Postmaster General in Washington. A month later, after no response, it makes you wonder if that letter got lost?

“She either has to take the reins of this responsibility and make the appropriate changes. If she doesn’t then she has to go,” said  Congressman Mike Quigley who wrote a letter October 12 to U.S. Postmaster General Megan Brennan. It was a follow-up to a phone conversation about mail delivery that’s “concerning” and unacceptable.”

The response?

“I believe it probably got there. I’m anxiously awaiting a response,” Quigley said.

The representative surveyed constituents and solicited Facebook comments.

Lakeview resident Melissa Smith cites frequent mail issues.

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“It’s frustrating. We have been having wrong packages. Sometimes we don’t get mail at all. Sometimes for several days at a time,” said Smith.

And letters sent back to the sender, with big yellow stickers, despite having her proper address on them.

“You’re kind of wondering what’s going on here,” Smith said.

And then last week, a red magnet that reads “Postal Proud” appeared in Smith’s mailbox. Remember, mail doesn’t show up but a mysterious magnet does.

“Clearly it was put in there by postal carrier,” said Smith.  “I don’t know exactly what kind of message was trying to be sent to me, but it’s not appreciated.”

Postal trucks bear the slogan ”We Deliver for You.” Congresman Quigley promised that will happen.

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“This is a management problem. It’s gonna take brains first and then money,” Quigley said.