CHICAGO (CBS)– In response to Amazon’s selection of New York City and Northern Virginia as the destinations for the HQ2s, Alexa apologized to Chicago and the other 17 finalist cities that were not chosen.

The apology is not an official one from Amazon. The Please Apologize skill was built by Austin-based ad agency McGarrah Jessee, and released earlier this year.

Chicago was one of 20 finalists for Amazon’s HQ2, but the company ultimately went with locations in New York and Virginia.

Listen to the full apology here.

Alexa’s apology to Chicago begins, “Hello Chicago, sorry about the HQ2 rejection, but if it’s any consolation, you were the second city we chose. Get it? It’s funny because one of your nicknames is the ‘Second City,’ and that’s also the name of the comedy institution in your city. HAHAHAHA comedy.”

Alexa explains the decision.

“Speaking of comedy, that’s why we didn’t go with you,” she says. “We were intimidated by your comedic porous.  Improv, sketch, stand-up, you’re too funny. Chicago we can’t match that wit and spot-on delivery, well the delivery thing we can do.”

Alexa says being funny is exhausting.

“That’s why although you are the ‘Windy City,’ we couldn’t make you the W.I.N-dy city,” she says. “Sorry for that one.”

The “Alexa Please Apologize” skill was created by an Austin-based ad agency McGarrah Jessee. This feature allows Alexa to apologize for other happenings such as traffic or the weather.