By Mike Puccinelli

CHICAGO (CBS)– Just months away from retirement, a Chicago Police sergeant is being honored with a ceremony after capturing a an offender who attacked an elderly man.

Sergeant Michael Bazarek, who has been on the force for nearly 40 years, acted quickly when he saw offender, Alexander Taylor attack a 91-year-old man, unprovoked, in Chinatown.

Taylor was later charged with numerous counts of aggravated battery and attempted murder, for going after an elderly victim in a similar case.

Bazarek said there was no decision.

“When a policeman sees something like that, you just act instinctively,” he said.

Eddie Lau, the Chinatown attack victim’s son-in-law thanked Bazarek at the ceremony. Lau said without the sergeant’s quick action, his father-in-law might not have made it.

The officer was presented with a trophy at the Near West Side ceremony, by the former police superintendent Phil Cline.

Mike Puccinelli