CHICAGO (CBS)– A man has been arrested in the 2009 homicide death of Jeremiah Higgins, who was shot and killed at an Indiana apartment, according to the Portage Police Department.

In May of 2009, an armed suspect entered an apartment, located at 6021 Canden Ave. The male suspect demanded money and asked to see “Tommy,” according to police. Higgins exited the rear bedroom, physically engaged the suspect and was shot multiple times during that struggle.

Dominique Karion Smith was arrested by Portage Police on Nov. 8. Smith is currently being held at the Porter County Jail awaiting his initial hearing for a murder charge.

“On behalf of the Portage Police Department, we again want to extend our condolences to them and it is our sincere hope that this arrest will bring the depth of closure they had long been awaiting,” Police Chief Troy Williams said.

The Higgins family has been notified.