By Charlie De Mar

Chicago (CBS) — At Time Out Sports Bar in suburban Countryside, the seat at the end of the bar is noticeably empty.

Normally, the spot’s reserved for Paresh Jhobalia. Time Out staff called him “Junior” and knew his order – a bottle of Miller Lite.

Chrisiana Johnson is a bartender at Time Out and a friend of Jhobalia’s.

“He was just a nice guy. He was super sweet,” Johnson said. “Everybody loved him. Everybody knew his name.”

The 62-year-old was reported missing last week by his family. Jhobalia is originally from India and retired several years ago.

His stabbed body was found Saturday inside his car, which was parked near his Lyons apartment. His unit is now a crime scene protected by police tape.

Staff at the bar pleaded on social media for answers prior to the gruesome discovery.

“When he didn’t answer the phone, you just knew immediately that it’s not right,” Johnson said. “You just knew something was wrong.”

Johnson said she has no idea who would want to harm Jhobalia.

“I’m blown away by it,” Johnson said. “It doesn’t make any sense at all that anybody would do that.”

Johnson hopes the person or people responsible for Jhobalia’s death is punished justly.

His brother told CBS 2 over the phone that the family is grieving right now, but they are working with police in the hopes of an arrest.

Charlie De Mar