CHICAGO (CBS)-– New information about the troubled past of shooter Juan Lopez has emerged.

CBS 2’s Pam Zekman has the story from the pastor who ministered Lopez as a youth and says he was shocked by the news.

Pastor Steve Laughlin, of the Armitage Baptist Church, says he knew Lopez when he was in junior high and high school

He attended the church from 1998-2004.

Laughlin said he was “really close to him even into adulthood.

Lopez was involved in many church activities.

He was raised by his mother in Logan Square.

Laughlin says Lopez was “rambunctious and outgoing,” an “extrovert,” but that something “obviously happened” since then.

This week Lopez shot and killed his ex-fiance, Dr. Tamara O’Neal, pharmacist Dayna Less and Chicago police officer Samuel Jimenez.

The pastor says he is “devastated and exhausted” by the news.

Lopez had a rough childhood, he said.

Lopez’s younger brother was killed in the 1990’s in a gang shooting while riding his bike.

The Pastor said he last saw Lopez last week at a bus stop in Logan Square, but he hasn’t talked to him in several years.