CHICAGO (CBS)– Protesters are calling for a boycott over Target’s decision to close two stores on the South Side.

Target says the Chatham store and the Morgan Park location are under-performing stores and the stores will close in February.

Friday, Chatham residents plan to take their business elsewhere.

Congressman Bobby Rush has called for a Black Friday boycott, saying Target gave no warning before announcing it would shut down both stores.

“We don’t have another store like Target, we don’t have another place where we can get fresh produce,” resident Sarah Mack said. “We have corner stores, this is a food desert.”

Mack will be attending the protest.

Resident Patricia Cockrell said this closing will leave a big hole.

“I don’t know who could occupy it, I’m hoping crime won’t go up,” Cockrell said.

Michael Dowdell, a resident and loyal Target Customer, said this is a bad loss for the Chatham neighborhood.

In a last effort, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has offered Target millions in TIF assistance to keep those two stores open. He signed an executive order that will prevent companies from receiving financial assistance from the city if they have plans on closing stores in certain parts of Chicago.

Charlie De Mar