By Jim Williams

CHICAGO (CSB)– Some families in Elmhurst have been without power for more than 41 hours.

ComEd crews arrived within the hour and one worker said he expects the work to be finished Tuesday night.

Todd Becker, a resident of Fairview Avenue, says this is “beyond frustrating.”

“[I] Slept in this hat last night, this fleece and obviously plenty of comforters,” Becker said.

He said has water trickling to keep the pipes from freezing as well as a couple of space heaters.

This also means, decorating the Christmas tree is on hold.

Around the corner on Randolph, a downed line appears to be the reason for the power outrage. Residents have become concerned.

“We’re just all surprised nobody’s coming to fix this,” resident Kathy Naatz said. “It’s just laying there dangerously.”

A ComEd representative told Naatz and others it could take as long as Thursday night or Friday morning to remove the line.

To help combat the cold, Naazt is sharing her generator with her next door neighbor.

Jeanette Perkins was told she was a “very low priority” when she asked a ComEd worker about her home.

“I don’t think that’s very nice thing to say to someone under the circumstances,” Perkins said.

ComEd says about 300 customers are without power now. Street lights are back on and streets are starting to reopen. oo