By Roseanne Tellez

CHICAGO (CBS)– Ice falling from the Willis Tower Tuesday raised concerns among building workers and pedestrians.

While no one was seriously injured, the sun rays melting the ice caused a potentially dangerous situation. Canopies put in place for renovation projects may have helped.

Pedestrians watched from below and captured individuals scrambling to beat the falling chunks of ice. Others watched from above.

“We work on the 27th floor so we saw it coming down, they let us know right away so no problems,” James Gickham said.

Willis Tower management posted signs on the sidewalk warning of falling ice. The building management also called police to block off the Franklin area between Jackson and Adams.

A spokesperson said there is not much more they can do and the city building department said they’re not required to do anything.

“It just seems like there’s some kind of answer,” Norman Quinn said. “I don’t know what it is, electric wires heating wires like on the roof? Figure it out.”

Ice may have hit an iron-worker, although no one was taken to the hospital. This could be a much bigger problem by the weeks end when the temperatures rise above freezing.