CHICAGO (CBS)–The Chicago Department of Transportation would like to see cameras that capture drivers who block busy intersections.

Cameras would require new legislation, but drivers and pedestrians are already fired up about it.

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Dave Wyrobek, a Chicago driver, said, “I think they cause more bad than good.”

Laura Parry, another Chicago driver, said, “Really I would like for people to use their brains.”

Motorists and pedestrians are already weighing in on a comment made by CDOT Commissioner Rebekah Scheinfeld at the City Club of Chicago Tuesday morning.

“If we’re thinking about a smart city where do we want our cops to be– we don’t want them sitting there enforcing blocking the box,” she said.

Scheinfeld said expanding automated enforcement to include cameras that could capture drivers blocking the intersection or motorists clogging bus lanes should be the future of transit in Chicago.

But it would require some changes to Illinois’ current law, which currently limits the use of these types of cameras.

“We need Springfield to continue expanding our authority in order to be able to do that,” Scheinfeld said.

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Chicago driver Kevin Sites said people who abide by the rules have nothing to worry about.

Not everyone agrees, however.

“It’s really hard when the lights are changing and you don’t know for sure if you’re going to make it through the intersection or not because sometimes you do have to stop for people further on,” Parry said.

Last year a Northwestern University Transportation Center study found that red light cameras produced significant safety benefits, including a 10 percent decrease in injury-producing crashes.

Still, not everyone is sold on the expansion.

“I think it’s all ridiculous they’re overdoing it with all of this stuff (and) it’s all about revenue– it’s not about safety it’s just all about making more money,” Wyrobek said.

Chicago would not be the first to propose this type of enforcement earlier this year. New York’s governor proposed a similar measure that would allow the city to test these types of cameras in Manhattan.

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