CHICAGO (CBS)–Health officials have identified the source of a disease linked to one death.

There were plans to evacuate a facility with Legionnaires’ in northwest suburban McHenry — but those plans changed.

In a statement, the facility said that after consulting with the county, state, and a water quality company — an evacuation was not necessary.

Some family members say the precautions taken are enough to calm fears.

“It’s very nice it’s a great location

There is very little change outside McHenry Villa. Inside the facility, however, you’ll find handouts offering up ways to combat Legionnaires’ disease

“This is her fourth year–she loves it, Lori Donovan said.

Donovan’s mother lives inside and is comforted by steps taken — including advising residents to not shower — but bathe to minimize exposure to water vapor.

Legionnaires’ can be contracted by breathing in small droplets of water containing a kind of bacteria. It can result in serious lung infections—and even death

Three people contracted Legionnaires’ at McHenry Villa–including former McHenry mayor Donald Doherty, who died Nov. 21.

Former McHenry Mayor Donald Doherty

His son tells CBS 2 he stayed at the facility for more than two years.

State workers on Wednesday determined the disease originated in the plumbing.

Donovan says an evacuation was considered but never took place.

The state is reporting more cases of Legionnaires’ over the past three years — with a spike so far in 2018–though it’s unclear if there’s actually more of it, or if doctors are just testing for it more frequently.

2016: 318
2017: 332
2018: 408 through Nov. 19

Despite those statistics, Donovan and her mom feel the situation is under control.

“I just feel at ease and I asked my mom, ‘how do you feel about that? … oh I’m excited,’” she said. “We’re all huggin’ each other like a big family reunion in there now that they know they can stay.”