By Jeremy Ross

Chicago (CBS) — Residents of the senior living community in McHenry County where three cases of Legionnaires’ disease were confirmed this month received a letter dated yesterday letting them know the source of the disease has been identified.

McHenry Villa is taking precautions as a result of the outbreak , which resulted in one death.

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The letter stated health officials completed an environmental investigation and plumbing inspection last week, which confirmed the presence of Legionella bacteria in the building’s water system. As a result, McHenry Villa received a violation notice from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The former mayor of McHenry, 91-year-old Donald Doherty, died of the Legionnaires’ Nov. 21

Legionnaires can result in a serious lung infection that people can get by breathing in small droplets of water containing Legionella bacteria.

Today, CBS 2 spotted a large truck in the nursing home lot. It’s unclear whether the truck was there to address the health issue.

Some residents allegedly moved to a nearby hotel while others who remain at McHenry Villa are advised to take precautions, like taking baths instead of showering to minimize contact with water vapor.