CHICAGO (CBS) — A school security guard is facing criminal charges, after allegedly grabbing a high school student by the neck, pointing a gun at him, and threatening to kill him.

Bennie Scott has been charged with aggravated battery, disorderly conduct, and violation of concealed carry on school grounds.

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Scott has not been back at school since that incident on Nov. 28.

Witnesses said he and several other security guards tried to break up a fight at ECHO Academy For Learning, when at some point he slammed one student into the ground, wrapped his hands around the student’s neck, and threatened to kill him.

Police said other security guards told Scott to step outside and cool off after breaking up the fight, but once outside he ran into the student he had slammed into the ground. He allegedly pulled out his gun, pointed it at the student’s chest, and taunted the student.

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Scott fled the scene before Dolton police arrived.

“We understand that sometimes students have altercations inside the school. From time to time they may have to be broken up by faculty, staff, or security; but at this point we don’t have any indication that the student did anything wrong, especially to provoke the response from the security officer,” Dolton Police Chief Robert Collins Jr. said last week.

ECHO Joint Agreement operates the school. In a statement last week, they said the security officer is not allowed on any of their school properties.

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The security firm Scott works for has not responded to requests for comment.