CHICAGO (CBS)– A group of teens was arrested and charged with hurling rocks at homes, but residents say the problem is still far from solved.

This weekend marked the fourth time Sylvia Santiago’s home has been hit by a rock that was pelted off the 606 trail. The problem is so bad that her husband had to install metal grates over every window facing the trail.

“We can’t do anything else,” she said.

One family had a rock thrown through their baby’s nursery and was so shaken, they left their home for a few days.

Another neighbor reported a rock thrown through their garage.

Santiago said she does not feel safe in her home.

First Ward Alderman Joe Moreno’s office said stones that were being used as “projectiles” were removed on the Mozart Street embankments.

Moreno would like to have the park district remove scattered rocks along the trail as well.

Residents say they will not feel safe until structural improvements are made.

“I think they should put up a higher fence or something to protect us,” Santiago said.

The alderman’s office has not addressed the calls for higher fencing, but remains confident with the abilities of the CPD bike unit that is currently assigned to the trail.