CHICAGO (CBS)—A Chicago couple’s shipping nightmare has finally ended, about two months after their boxes went missing after they tried to ship them across the U.S. via Greyhound’s ground-shipping express service.

Hyde Park resident Hersey Mallory shipped six boxes of beauty products to his wife, Valarie Thomas-Mallory, in mid-October.

She was counting on the supplies to start her new business doing hair and makeup in Sin City.

The boxes her husband shipped contained about $500 worth of items.

Mallory chose the insurance option that only covered $50 worth of cargo, however.

The couple was told the packages would arrive by Nov. 5, but weeks passed by without the shipment showing up in Las Vegas.

The delay worried the couple because Thomas-Mallory was counting on the supplies to start operating her business.

“It was for seven days—expedited service,” Thomas-Mallory said when she spoke to CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross earlier this month. “Then it went to 21 business days.”

The packages finally turned up Wednesday—nearly two months after Mallory shipped them to his wife.

Through a video message, Thomas-Mallory expressed gratitude after she received the shipment in Las Vegas.

“All six boxes are right here in my house,” she said. “All my equipment is here and I can’t wait to get to work.”

At home in Chicago, Mallory said he was thankful for their happy ending.

“If it wasn’t for you and your staff, we wouldn’t be sitting here,” Mallory said while speaking to CBS 2 on Wednesday night after learning his shipment had been found.

It turns out the couple’s complaint isn’t an isolated incident.

CBS 2 checked out the “Greyhound Package Express” service on the Better Business Bureau, and it received an “F” rating.

There were only three complaints listed this year, but they were all unanswered by Greyhound.

Mallory said he would have chosen another shipping service if he had known about Greyhound’s poor rating—but he’s not harboring any hard feelings.

“As far as I’m concerned — cased closed,” Mallory said.

Greyhound declined an interview for this story but said the company says they will look into what happened.