By Roseanne Tellez

CHICAGO (CBS)— A Macy’s escalator on State Street remains shut down for inspection after a child’s foot got stuck over the weekend.

The child injured Saturday was rushed to the hospital with what witnesses described as serious injuries.

Macy’s says they addressed Building Department violations that caused escalators to fail an inspection last month. But more inspections were underway in areas roped off between levels four and five.

Chicago’s Buildings Departments confirmed the escalator in question passed inspection last April. They also say those previous violations, didn’t involve the escalator in question.

While the cause of Saturday’s incident is not yet known, thousands of children are injured each year from escalators.

Attorney Marty Dolan knows what can happen after representing a 7-year-old injured on an escalator at Midway Airport in 2010. The escalator shredded his hiking shoe and claimed two toes.

“We are talking about a catastrophic injuries amputations infections serious injuries mainly to the feet,” Dolan said.

In that case, the Midway escalator was missing a thin strip of deflector brushes that keep riders from getting to close to the edge. Dolan says those edges are also supposed to be lubricated, to keep feet from sliding in.

Dolan says with national statistics showing about 11,000 escalator injuries a year, most involving children, it’s a never ending priority.

“There has to be continuing maintenance and inspection of escalators,” Dolan said.

Parents should heed the warning signs.

“To make sure that young kids are in the middle of the stairs that they don’t have something that’s dangling from their neck that they could get in trapped in the not too close to the sides,” Dolan said.

Dolan said the emotional effects of an injury are long lasting.

Macy’s says they are “very sorry” the accident occurred.” The said they are “continuously assessing their escalators.