Milwaukee, WI (WDJT) — A Milwaukee man convicted of beating, stabbing, and burning a teenager over a video gaming console was sentenced Monday.

The judge called this case the worst homicide the city has seen in years. Malik Terrell, 22, was sentenced to life in prison. The judge also decided Terrell will not be eligible for extended supervision.

Malik Terrell, 22, was sentenced to life in prison. (Source: WDJT)

Dennis King, 15, was beaten with a hammer, stabbed, and burned to death back in May.

According to court documents, Terrell thought King was involved with stealing his gaming system. Terrell lured King to a home and attacked him to get him to confess to being a part of the robbery.

King was reported missing and Milwaukee Police later found the burnt remains of his body in an abandoned house near 11th and Concordia.

Terrell fled to Chicago but later turned himself in to authorities. He was then extradited back to Milwaukee and charged with first-degree intentional homicide.

King’s family was very emotional in court.

“Malik, you ruined my life. You took my baby, my only son. He didn’t deserve that. He was a good kid. He was so shy, quiet. He had a kind heart,” said Dombanee Lincoln, Dennis King’s mother.

The judge ordered Terrell to pay $3,400 in restitution.

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