CHICAGO (CBS) — Police searched for two teenage carjacking suspects in Orland Park for several hours Monday morning, before announcing they believe the carjackers left the area, and giving the all-clear to schools that were put on alert.

Authorities said three young men carjacked a woman in Matteson, by shoving a gun in her face and stealing her minivan around 2 a.m.

Matteson police picked up the trail of the vehicle, and followed it all the way to Orland Park. By then, as many as 40 different police officers from surrounding departments had been called in to assist.

The three carjackers tried to get away by driving into a subdivision in Orland Park. When they came to a curve on Hilltop Drive, near 153rd Street, the driver lost control and slammed into a light pole, coming to a stop on a front lawn.

The three young men inside bailed out, and police sealed off the area to search for them, with help from drones equipped with infrared cameras.

One carjacker was quickly arrested, after he was spotted trying to leave the area.

Two others were still on the loose late Monday morning.

Police set up extra security at local schools while searching for the other two suspects, one of whom is believed to be armed. Orland Park schools also implemented a “secure campus plan” during the search, meaning students were not permitted outside.

It was pretty disconcerting for people living in the normally quiet subdivision.

“It’s not something you see every morning. You kind of wonder, yeah. Different, definitely different, but again they were out here in force, so I’m not real real concerned,” neighbor Vince Gregorsanc said.

Authorities gave the all clear around 9:15 a.m., after an extensive search, stating they believe the carjackers left the area.

“The last location was about 135th and LaGrange, but we have additional investigation – which I’m not going to release – that they’re likely out of the area,” Orland Park Police Chief Tim McCarthy said.

Police said the carjacker in custody is a 16-year-old boy. Sources said the two still on the loose are believed to be teenagers from Sauk Village.