CHICAGO (CBS) — Mourners paid their respects to Chicago Police Officer Conrad Gary on Friday. Gary is one of two officers killed by a train while responding to a call of shots fired Monday.


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12:40 p.m.:

Police vehicles file out as officers stand at attention on the street as the hearse and other cars leave for the cemetery for Officer Gary’s burial.

12:15 p.m.:

Officers escort Gary’s widow and infant daughter to an awaiting limousine. Family and friends follow.

12:13 p.m.:

Gary’s casket is placed in the hearse to leave shortly for the burial.

12:10 p.m.:

Governor Rauner hands over the American flag and Mayor Emanuel hands the Chicago flag to Gary’s widow.

11:59 a.m.:

An American flag draped over Gary’s casket is folded by officers. There is a 21-gun salute followed by an officer playing “Taps.”


11:55 a.m.:

Bagpipes play “Amazing Grace” as the casket of Officer Gary is led out of the church. Gary’s wife, flanked by CPD officers, follows the casket. Their infant daughter carried by a CPD officer.


11:50 a.m.:

Governor Rauner stands next to Mayor Emanuel and Superintendent Johnson waiting for Gary’s casket to leave the church.

11:45 a.m.:

Family, friends and officers begin to exit the church.

11:30 a.m.:

Closing remarks from Archbishop Cupich.

11:26 a.m.:

Johnson: “Conrad, thank you for your dedication and sacrifice on behalf of a heartbroken department. May you rest in peace.”

11:23 a.m.:

Johnson: “Kelly, we can’t comprehend the pain and the loss that you’re going through right now but we will always be there with you. The Chicago Police Department are forever in your debt. Conrad was so excited to be a father, the smile that he had was impossible to miss. To Conrad’s parents, thank you for raising an exceptional young man. He was a role model. He rarely said a bad word about anyone.”


11:21 a.m.:

Johnson: “Conrad has a noble approach to police work. It was a sense of duty that led Gary and Marmolejo up the tracks because they were determined to get another illegal weapon off the streets of Chicago. Their only concern was bringing the offender to justice. This is what we ask our police officers to do. We ask them not to think of themselves, only the citizens and the safety of their city. It’s what made them heroes.”

11:19 a.m.:

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson: “He brought the professionalism he learned in the military to the Chicago Police Department. He was easy going and always eager to help. Police work came naturally to Gary. He’s the kind of guy you wanted to show up. Fellow officer said it was rare for Gary to utter a curse word.”

11:15 a.m.:

Emanuel: “Everything Conrad Gary did, he did for others…the hero who defended our country and protected our city. This has been a difficult for the Chicago Police family and the Chicago family as a whole. The tragic losses in the line of duty of Commander Bauer, Firefighter Bucio, Officer Jimenez, Officer Marmolejo, they have brought tears to our eyes. May God bless them and their fellow officers.”


11:12 a.m.:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: “We are joined together today in the wake of a tragedy. We come together in sadness and sorrow to pay our respects to Conrad Gary, a loyal friend and cherished son and proud father.”

11:11 a.m.:

Rauner: May the good Lord bless and keep our police officers and our veterans. God bless you all. God bless the great state of Illinois. God bless the United States of America.”

11:08 a.m.:

Rauner: “All the people  in Illinois can do is remember Conrad’s service. Conrad is a true American patriot, a true American hero. As a Chicago police officer, a dedicated public servant we will never forget.”


11:06 a.m.:

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner delivers his remarks. “Dear Lord, travel with all of us. Almighty God watch over all policeman. Help them keep our streets and homes safe day and night. Because their duty is dangerous. Amen.”

10:56 a.m.:

Mass attendants are now receiving communion. Governor Rauner, Mayor Emanuel and Superintendent Johnson are scheduled to speak after communion.

10:30 a.m.:

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Brandt: “Friends in his 5th District said always ready to help others to make an arrest if necessary. He was always reliable, when a fellow officer needed help, he was always there. But he was human. He had one major flaw. He was from the South Side but a die-hard Cubs fan.”


10:27: a.m. 

Brandt repeats words of remembrance from those who knew Gary. “He always had a smile on his face. He made us laugh. He was the go-to guy. He was the top shot in his academy class. He was a genuinely nice person.”


10:24 a.m.:

Father Dan Brandt delivers the homily during the funeral mass.

10:21 a.m.:

The gospel, Matthew 5: 1-12, read by Deacon Robert Montelongo.

10:20 a.m.:

Second reading, Letter of Paul to Timothy 4: 6-8, read by Katie Warren.

10:14 a.m.:

First reading, Book of Wisdom 3: 1-9, read by Chris Nelson.

10:12 a.m.:

The funeral mass for Chicago Police Officer Conrad Gary begins with Archbishop Cupich presiding.

10:00 a.m.:

The casket is placed in front of the altar greeted by Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich and other clergy.

9:56 a.m.:

As the family of Officer Gary walks into the church, officers line up to enter.

9:53 a.m.:

Family members of fallen Chicago Police Officer Conrad Gary follow the casket into the church as officers clad in black stand outside.


9:50  a.m.:

Officers carry out the casket of Conrad Gary, draped in an American flag, out of the hearse and into the church.

9:47 a.m.:

Bagpipe papers march to the front of the church followed by police color guard escorting the hearse of Officer Gary. Also in the front of the church Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

9:43 a.m.:

More family members exit limousines and stand outside the church awaiting the arrival of Officer Gary’s hearse.

9:36 a.m.:

Family and friends of Chicago Police Officer Conrad Gary approach the church and wait outside before the hearse arrives. They are flanked by dozens of officers. Several people are wearing large buttons with Officer Gary’s picture.   \

9:32 a.m.:

Hundreds of officers dressed in black line the sidewalk and salute the hearse carrying Gary as it approaches  St. Rita of Cascia Shrine Chapel.


9:21 a.m.:

Long line of law enforcement vehicles, dozens of cars, escort hearse carrying Chicago Police Office Conrad Gary to St. Rita of Cascia Shrine Chapel for his funeral mass.


9:10 a.m. The Funeral Program

Here are the details of today’s Funeral Mass

9 a.m.: The Procession 

A Chicago Police Department squad car escorts the hearse from Blake Lamb Funeral home to St. Rita of Cascia Shrine Chapel on South Western Avenue.