By Vi Nguyen

CHICAGO (CBS)– Shalyha Ahmad, a University of Illinois at Chicago students disappeared from campus more than two weeks ago.

The 18-year-old’s family is pleading for help from the community to find her because they say they have no idea what happened to her.

Shalyha Ahmad

Ahmad was dropped off by her parents at the Jefferson Blue Line station to go to UIC on Dec. 14. Friends say they saw her on campus, but no one has seen or heard from her since then.

Her mother, Shetti Ahmad stood before the media crying and hoping for her daughter’s safe return.

“We told her we were going to pick her up from school and we went there and she was not there, she didn’t arrive at her meeting place,” Ahmad’s mother said. “That’s when we got worried, we waited around, but she didn’t arrive.”

Her mother says they have searched her belongings and tried to track her Samsung phone and Chrome book. Both devices are turned off.

“We checked her belongings, everything’s there, passport is at home,” the mother stated.

Ahmad’s family filed a missing persons report with Chicago police, but so far no there are new developments in the case.

“We reported it but whenever we ask them for any information or any updates they’re saying the same thing, they have not heard anything,” She said.

Ahmad is studying liberal arts at UIC. Friends say they would often see her at the library.

This holiday season has been extremely difficult for her mother, father and brother, they just want to know if she is okay.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.