By Megan Hickey

CHICAGO (CBS)– Residents in Lake Station, Indiana noticed brown-tinted water Wednesday that officials say is supposedly safe to drink.

A computer glitch at the filtration plant may have allowed for minerals to seep in and turn the water brown.

The city says the water is safe to drink, but residents are not sold.

Resident Wendy Cox had to do her household chores with bottled water. Wednesday morning she opened up her faucet to murky brown water that seemed to get darker the more she poured out.

“Three gallons will let me do my dishes and coffee,” she said.

Cox said she is scared of getting sick from the water.

Cox and many other residents had the same problem back in July, which is when she started collecting plastic jugs to bring clear water from the homes to family members outside of Lake Station.

“It has gotten worse,” she said.

Public Works superintendent Adrian Vera says he has been battling this issue ever since he took over this job in June.

This time, a malfunctioning valve controlled by a computer system at the filtration plant let extra minerals into the normally clear tank.

Monday, officials said they began the process of opening hydrants to flush the brown water out.

“It’s not pleasant at all and I understand the frustration, so does the mayor, but it is safe to drink and I have drank it,” Versa said.

Vera said they are close to being able to provide a desperately needed comprehensive flush of the nearly 80-year-old water system.

Now they are waiting for the necessary parts to arrive and an above freezing day.

Residents say it’s hard to be patient.

“We don’t know how long it’s gonna take,” Cox said.

The city says it would like Indiana American Water to take over Lake Station’s water, but that potential sale is currently tied up in the courts.

Megan Hickey