By Charlie De Mar

CHICAGO (CBS) — Just days before Christmas, a North Side woman was hit by a driver who ran a red light and just kept going, and tonight her family is pleading for that driver to turn himself or herself in.



The break in this case might come from a red light camera that is set up at the intersection. Police are still analyzing that video to try to find whoever is responsible.

At North and Pulaski the ripped up roads send drivers racing through a rugged stretch of the Northwest Side. That’s where Flora Barragan was struck in a hit-and-run.

“The car just went and all she fell, it was her on the ground,” Barragan’s daughter Alma Casas said.

Casas’ mom is now wearing a boot for her badly injured foot, and her injuries are mounting.

“What kind of human doesn’t stop and make sure the person is ok?” Alma asked.

Barragan was running across the street at the busy intersection to catch a bus for work.

Barragan’s other daughter Gabriela Casas called it devastating.

“How could you leave someone just there on the ground not knowing they are ok?” she said. “He passed through a red light. There has to be something going on there.”

Police say a grey sedan ran the red light and hit Barragan.

“At that point where he swerved around her he realized, hey I hit something,” Alma said.

The car knocked her to the ground, and she was still in danger.

“Cars were still driving. They didn’t stop. Like, nobody stopped,” Alma said.

The family is hoping whoever drove off will give the gift of justice and turn himself or herself in.

“You almost stole my Christmas,” Gabriela said. “My mom was almost gone because of what happened,” Alma said.

Barragan says along with the driver they are hoping any witnesses to the hit and run will come forward.

Charlie De Mar