CHICAGO (CBS)–An eyewitness describes the horrifying moment he watched a carjacking victim in Old Town get run over by his own car–all while trying to help his wife and child get inside.

It was a terrifying ordeal for everyone involved.

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A witness said the father was dragged several feet. He and others in Old Town want the offender caught.

Cooper Lammonds was moving a friend’s car around 10 p.m. Thursday night when he stumbled upon a carjacking in progress.”

“I heard these tires start squealing–a car was pulling away really fast,” Lammonds said. “I saw this SUV speed off in front of me and then I heard a body literally just like hit the ground.”

He says it took a while to process what had just happened.

Police say a 35-year-old man was about to load his child into the car near Eugenie and Wells when a man jumped in and tried to drive away.

The father then confronted the carjacker and attempted to pull him out of the SUV. During the struggle the victim fell down and was run over by his own car.

“All he could really say was “911,” Lammonds said. “He wasn’t even forming sentences.”

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The victim’s condition had stabilized by the time he was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

His family was safe and his car was found abandoned nearly four miles away.

Residents who live just steps from the scene tell us they want the culprit caught.

“It’s scary,” said Christina Marti, who lives near the scene.

But the arrest rates for carjackings in the city are low.

Neil Salzman lives near the scene.

“I guess I wish there was more progress,” Salzman said. “It seems to be something that’s consistent in the city.”

Chicago police said no one is in custody.


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