CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago police are on the trail of a driver who critically injured a man in the Chatham neighborhood last night, but knowing who the car is registered to and knowing who is responsible for the hit-and-run are two different things.

“It’s a dangerous intersection,” said Alfred Bell, who says he heard the commotion at 76th and Martin Luther King Drive just after 9 p.m. Sunday night. “When I came out I saw at the light a car — a gray car — just sitting there, and we were wondering like oh my God is he OK?”

Bell says he was worried about the driver; he didn’t realize a pedestrian had been hit.

Police say a Dodge Challenger with Illinois license plate #AY65420 just took off after the incident.

“It’s just sad to see that people don’t have so much consideration for life, that you would hit somebody and keep going,” Bell said. “That really breaks my heart.”

Through November 2018 Chicago police say there have been 3,100 hit and runs with injuries in the city. Twenty-four of those included serious injuries, and 20 were fatal.

Monday police could not tell CBS 2 how many of those have been solved.

Even with promising evidence left behind, arrests can take time.

After a deadly crash captured on surveillance video at State and 71st streets the driver fled, leaving the car at the scene. But it was five weeks before the registered owner was arrested and charged.

Police are asking for the public’s help tracking the car involved in this incident down. Bell says he’d like Everyone to just slow down.

“Fools just run the light here,” he said. “They don’t have any consideration for life.”