Chicago (CBS) — Around 6 p.m. Monday while surveillance cameras were rolling, Elk Grove Village neighbors heard shots fired as Stephen Casazza was hit in the neck delivering the mail.

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The 36-year-old told neighbors he’d been shot and asked them to call for help.

Maria Pignato ran outside.

“I grabbed his hand and was just talking to him and said ‘hang in there’,” Pignato said. “It was a lot of blood. It was very traumatic. You could see he was struggling.”

Elk Grove Village police detectives scoured the area Monday night and say residents have provided valuable leads

“We were able to find some video evidence of a potential suspicious suspect vehicle,” Elk Grove Village police chief Charles Walsh said.

Residents describe it as a dark SUV seen speeding away right after the shots were fired.

But the best clues may come from the victim himself, who underwent three and a half hours of surgery.

“He’s out of surgery now, in stable condition and talking to the U.S. postal investigators and the Elk Grove Village Police Department,” Walsh said.

Pignato said she’s optimistic the gunman will be found.

“We’re just hoping that the police can find this person, and we’re confident they’ll do their jobs,” Pignato said.

Police say they have a lot of leads but still no motive for the shooting. It is the first known shooting in the village in nearly two years.

Because the mail carrier is a federal employee, the gunman could face federal charges.