By Vince Gerasole

CHICAGO (CBS)– As the murder of a south suburban woman approaches its two year anniversary, her family is doing what they can to push for justice.

Twenty-one months ago, Ramona Shelton’s driveway in Thornton was crowded with workmen’s cars working on a project. One of them found her in the driver’s seat of a Dodge Durango shot several times.

The murder of the mother of six remains unsolved.

Monday, the family debuted a Go Fund Me page, raising additional reward money for information that leads to an arrest.

They doubled the existing reward to $20,000.

The investigation into Shelton’s death is an active investigation, not a cold case. Her family hopes the larger reward will encourage someone with information to come forward.

“It is literally a horrific thing i wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy,” Shelton’s sister Amanda Anderson said. “You think things get better but not so much.”

By all accounts, the 37-year-old lived a model life with her husband and children, she was a school board member and successful life coach.

“She could make any bad situation great not just good but great,” Anderson said.

The family struggles to cope.

“For the most part it’s been very, very challenging, just not knowing and wanting to have answers and you just don’t have them,” Anderson said.

“Someone knows something and we need that person to be brave and strong and say what you know,” she said.

Shelton made a call the day she was murdered to a restaurant ordering food for the workers at her home.

She was last seen alive walking out her front door to pick up the order.

Cook County sheriffs encourage anyone with information to contact them.

Vince Gerasole