CHICAGO (CBS) — A Lakeview woman was forced to hide and call for help as a man broke into her home Monday morning.

In a 911 call the woman says she sees the person inside the apartment and can’t get out.

Police say the woman called 911 while the man rummaged through her stuff. Officers responded to a burglary in progress around 4:30 a.m. Monday at the home in the 900 block of West Fletcher. Officers eventually forced their way inside.

They confronted 23-year-old Mishawn Fields inside the home, and he ran out a different door, but ran into an officer outside the home. The officer pinned him against a bannister, but Fields tried to pull away.

Mishawn Fields, 23, is charged with burglary and resisting arrest. (Source: Chicago Police)

Other officers helped subdue Fields, and arrested him outside the home.

The woman at the home told police the burglar had stolen her iPhone and was still inside.

The woman in the home was not hurt.