DJ Sixsmith

When people in Chicago think of Molly Ringwald, they immediately think about her 1980s movies “Sixteen Candles” and “The Breakfast Club” that were shot in the Chicago area.

“Sixteen Candles” was filmed in the suburbs of Chicago like Evanston and Skokie, while “The Breakfast Club” was filmed in Des Plaines, Illinois. Ringwald is back on the scene in a new movie called “All These Small Moments.” The former teen idol plays a mother named Carla, who is going through a rough time in her life. Ringwald says a lot has changed in the movie business since “The Breakfast Club.”

“I think the main difference is the luxury of the shooting schedule. We were in Chicago for at least two and a half months, maybe longer,” Ringwald said in an interview with CBS Local. “We had a two week rehearsal period and then we had the filming of the movie and it was shot in sequence. We had that luxury because it was all basically in one location. If they made that movie now, it would be made in 18 days at most. We would be lucky to get 18 days, if they even made that movie.”

Ringwald says there are a ton of movies from the 1970s that she loves, but doesn’t think they would even get made now because of the changes in the industry. The former “Sixteen Candles” star has been in a number of different films and TV shows recently including the CW’s hit drama “Riverdale.” The mother of three in real life plays Archie’s mother Mary Andrews on the show. Ringwald still has problems parenting teenagers just like everybody else.

“I always thought naively that my experience in the teen world and in teen movies would give me some sort of upper hand or special understanding of the teen psyche” said Ringwald. “And I don’t, not at all! Sometimes my daughter looks at me with this look and I said ‘did you just roll your eyes at me, that’s my thing.'”

While Ringwald is known for being in some of the greatest coming of age movies ever, she is quick to shoot down that label for her new movie. The actress believes that we are always evolving, no matter where we are in our lives.

“I was talking to someone the other day and they called it a coming of age movie, but everyone is always coming of age all the time,” said Ringwald. “I felt like the teen years were incredibly significant for me, but so were my 20s and so were my 30s. There are all these different moments in your life that are heavy.”

All These Small Moments” opens in select theaters on January 17 and will be released digitally on January 18.