By Charlie De Mar

Chicago (CBS) — In the shadows of the city’s most iconic buildings, there’s a different type of city off the expressway

Its residents, including George Arroyo, are often passed by without a look on bitterly cold days.

The heat from the sun is nowhere to be found, but there’s warmth in Lakeisha Madlock’s heart.

“Although they are in the situation they are in, they do have people that love and care for them,” Madlock said.

For CTA driver Martin Sosa, the constant opening and closing of the bus doors on days like Sunday make it hard to stay warm.

Ricardo Martinez, a valet at Tavern on Rush has no choice.

“At this point I’m actually kind of used to it, but of course it bothers me,” Martinez said.

He makes his money in the elements.

While most bundle up with little skin showing, others resort to wishful thinking.

But, exposure to the harsh weather can be dangerous.

“We are typically seeing these frost bite injuries,” Dr. James Devries, an ER doctor at Rush University Medical Center, said. “Definitely try and limit your exposure to cold.”

But at tent city, avoiding the cold isn’t always an option.

Charlie De Mar