By Roseanne Tellez

CHICAGO (CBS)– A video, shot Saturday at O’Hare, captured a snow plow dumping snow onto a driver’s car and breaking the windshield.

The driver already had a dash cam rolling when he captured the video. He put the video on Facebook and it gained attention.

One friend replied, “Happened to me as well Saturday morning” and included a photo of another cracked windshield.

The O’Hare runway is close to the roadway approaching terminals. Cab driver Manuel Bachar said, “I’m not surprised, this happens all the winters.”

Bachar said he’s had snow dumped on his windshield, but has never seen one break before. The Department of Aviation is investigating this incident.

“Our staff is working to get in touch with the motorist to learn more so that we can address this incident and prevent it from happening again,” the Department of Aviation said in a statement.

Cab driver Zeran said “they don’t have the right to damage someone else’s property.”