By Derrick Blakley

CHICAGO (CBS) — Newly released documents about what federal agents were looking for and what they found during recent raids of Chicago Alderman Ed Burke’s office indicate the federal investigation may be even more wide ranging than previously believed.

When federal agents raided Burke’s finance committee office it wasn’t a fishing expedition. But they were seeking to land a big fish – the city hall power broker with 50 years on the city council and 30 years as finance chairman.

Federal search warrants, released through a CBS 2 Freedom of Information Act request, show exactly what they were looking for, including records of Burke seeking private gain for himself, including business for his law firm, Klafter and Burke.

That relates directly to the charges eventually levied against Burke: illegally pressuring a fast food restaurant to use his law firm for property tax appeals in exchange for his approval of remodeling permits.

Also, the feds sought evidence of Burke’s “efforts to obtain employment, patronage jobs or other benefits for his personal associates”, in exchange for Burke taking some type of official action.

So, what did the agents seize?

A ledger, hand written by a federal agent, includes lots of computer equipment, Klafter and Burke correspondence and checks, TIFF files from Burke’s 14th Ward and a folder concerning Brian Hynes.

That’s an apparent reference to the lawyer and lobbyist who once worked on the staff of House Speaker Mike Madigan.

Hynes also worked with Patty Solis Doyle to co-found a company called, Vendor Assistance Program LLC. And Solis Doyle is the sister of Alerdman Daniel Solis, who, according to a report not independently confirmed by CBS 2, wore a wire for the FBI as part of an investigation into Burke.

Also unknown until now, the search warrant indicates the feds are seeking information about 9 other individuals and 13 organizations and whether they requested favors from or provided benefits to Burke.