CHICAGO (CBS)—A shocking video posted on Facebook this week has prompted a search for two armed men who were mocking police in a cruiser that pulled up next to them on a Chicago street.

The driver, who has not been identified, took a selfie video showing two guns in his lap as he taunts police, talking into his phone repeating, “We gonna kill him…you hear me, he gon’ get hurt.”

A male backseat passenger also flashes his gun to the camera.

The video has been viewed more than 1 million times on Facebook since it was posted by Chicago Code Blue on Thursday. Underneath the video, police comment “In today’s era of social media, just know that we are watching everything, and take every threat against any CPD officer seriously.”

(Chicago Code Blue’s Facebook video)

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson backed up that statement.

“Tracking social media posts is largely what we do now,” Johnson said. “We put out communications for officers to be safe and aware of what occurred, and we have identified those individuals and are working to bring them into custody.”

CBS 2 is not identifying the men in the video because they haven’t been charged with a crime.  But sources confirm one of the men has a lengthy criminal record that includes felony gun charges.

The other armed person in the vehicle is currently facing drug charges.

In a new video posted today, they seem to know police are on to them.

In that video, the same driver in the first video mocks police again, but this time he references Code Blue, the group that posted the now-viral video.

“They got us…Code Blue…Code Red…Play with us…pop pop……..” he says.

A woman identified as a sister of the driver didn’t say anything in the video.

Johnson said they could face charges if they’re caught.

“Listen, you have to take threats to anybody—not just CPD, but the average citizen in the city– you have to take these threats seriously.”