CHICAGO (CBS)--Remember the days when you’d wake up at 5 a.m. and watch the banners on the bottom of the morning newscast to see if your school had called a snow day?

The proliferation of social media and push notifications means kids will never quite know that kind of snow-day anticipation.

Social media does have advantages, though.

Taking full advantage of Facebook’s potential to reach the entire school community, a school principal in northwest suburban Cary put a smile on students’ faces early Monday morning by posting a video announcing school would be canceled today.

In his snow day version of, “Ice Ice Baby,” Cary-Grove High School principal Neil Lesinski announces the cancelation of school on Monday.

The video had been viewed nearly 50,000 times by Monday afternoon.

With his two young kids propped up on his lap, Lesinski raps, “Will it ever stop yo? I don’t know! Turn on some Netflix and binge a show. To the extreme it’s like a cold monsoon. We’re gonna have school a few days in June.”