CHICAGO (CBS) — Remember Chiberia in 2014? How does this cold outbreak compare? It’s not even close, and we’re nowhere near done. Temperatures and wind chills are worse now, and it’s going to be colder for much longer than it was five years ago.

Here are some facts, thus far.

The three-day stretch of frigid weather dubbed Chiberia from Jan 5-7, 2014, didn’t get nearly as cold as it was Wednesday morning.

The coldest it got at O’Hare International Airport those three days in 2014 was -16°. This week’s deep freeze already has that beat, with the temperature at -23° by 7 a.m. Wednesday, and possibly colder temperatures coming, if not later Wednesday morning, then overnight into Thursday.

There’s an even bigger disparity in wind chills, with a low of -42° for Chiberia 2014, and -52° so far this time around.

During Chiberia, the temperature was below zero for 37 consecutive hours. It’s expected we’ll easily beat that too, with temperatures likely to stay below zero for 49 consecutive hours between Tuesday night and Thursday night.

When we shivered through Chiberia, Chicago hadn’t seen temperatures that cold in five years. The conditions this time around are the coldest in 34 years.