Chicago (CBS) — On Monday, before the polar vortex arrived in Chicago, 8-year-old Jadiel Luciano arrived home from school and asked his mom for a shovel.

The second grader, who lives with his parents and little sister in Logan Square, asked to clear the front steps of snow to help his father, Oscar, whom Jadiel says works hard as a UPS driver.

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(Credit: Adriana Benitez)

His mom, Ariana Benitez, told CBS 2 that Jadiel said to her, “I’m going to clean the snow because when Papi gets home he’s going to be tired. So I’m going to help out.”

Benitez took to Facebook to share the video of her son shoveling, which was captured through her family’s home security system. She said friends and family complimented Jadiel for his efforts. “A lot of them were commenting that he’s a great kid, just like his dad,” she told CBS 2. “They are so proud of him.”

Adriana believes that chores are an important way to teach a child responsibility. “He needs to learn how to do chores in the house, so he knows when he becomes an adult,” she said. “Otherwise he won’t know how to do them when he’s older.”

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Dr. Kortney Peagram, a psychologist and founder of Bulldog Solution, agrees. “He was trying to be helpful,” Dr. Peagram told CBS 2. “This shows an ability to understand that when you’re helping a parent out, you’re adding value.”

According to Peagram, children benefit from age-appropriate chores. For younger kids, she suggests starting with an activity such as sorting laundry or setting the table.

“You show them how to do it. You do it with them. You coach them do it. You let them do it,” Peagram said.

Peagram stressed that specific, positive reinforcement is essential. “Rather than criticism, give feedback,” Peagram said, such as “You did a great job folding those socks!”

For Adriana, Jadiel’s thoughtfulness on Monday brings her joy as a mom and reflects her family’s emphasis on supporting each other. “He’s always making us proud.”

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(Video credit: Adriana Benitez)